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OH MA GERD!!!!!!!!!! DERPY DERP!!!!!


My Skullgirls OC - Caliber by Aldo0117
My Skullgirls OC - Caliber
Name: Caliber

Name Meaning: Caliber's name was gotten by the common reference to a Firearm which is "caliber"

Age: He is 17 in his flashback, and is now 22

Clothing: Wears a dark green buttoned shirt, Faded colored jeans, tooth necklace, bandages, boots that are equipped with double barrel shotgun for a heel and small knife blade in front of the tip, has 3 piercings and feather accessories in his hair.

Physical Looks: He has a brownish Latin tan, dark hair, green eyes that used to be brown before, has scars in his face depicting he has gone through his share of fights and dangers, has 5 O'clock shadow despite his somewhat young age, is physically fit and is stronger than what he looks only because of his hunting trips, weighs 186 and is 5,11 in height.

Weapons: He has boots fitted with double barrel shotguns for a heel, equips a shotgun and a tactical rifle that he swings around like a sword and is his main line for fighting, he has 3 knifes one is 6 inches in blade, the other is 9, and his biggest 19 inches in blade and goes by the name Turok, 2 handguns or 44. magnums for specifics and finally a huge hunting rifle he uses for his main blockbuster named Calibre which stands for Caliber in Spanish.

Facts about him: He has a bond to Minette as if he wants no one to harm her and feels to be a good friend to her since Minette not only treated him nicely but was patient enough to hear his story of his eye and as well thinks of him as a misunderstood person, not many people talk to Caliber and is actually a very lonely guy, Caliber is actually a millionaire through money he inherited from his father and the money offered from people who want animals skin, teeth, bones, etc. Caliber's attitude is quite and serious, he tries to avoid fights but when confronted he won't deny a chance for target practice, he usually warns his opponent before he fights meaning that he is confident in victory, he loves to play around with his knife a lot and usually is seen spinning it around in his hands.

Dark Secret: Caliber has a Mansion that resembles a log cabin outside and inside, Caliber has a wicked taste for hunting and is actually obsessed with it. When he would kill the Medici that confronted him, he would take their guns and suits. He has a small museum of his trophies and within it is a small section where the suits and guns of his fallen Medici opponents are. (In early making of Caliber he was supposed to have his enemies heads in display but later was thought that, that was just plain gross.)

Likes: Company, Big Band, friendly people, Little Innsmouth, Yu Wan, Minette, Irvin, Hunting, his trophies, Beowulf's Wrestling matches, fried shrimp, Medici dying, killing Medici, Soda, and the Night.

Dislikes: ASL, Medici Mafia, greedy people, Riccardo, Lawrence, wealthy people, Cops, his Crosshair eye, Being alone. 

Attitude: As said before, He has a quite but serious attitude. He usually says fraises like "A hollow point should do the trick." or "I can track your fear." and is always armed, he has a very intimidating look, but as long as you give him kindness and treat him normal the guy may even pay your the drinks.

Main Goal: He was Assigned a hunt and the target was the Skullgirl in order to open up a museum with her in display and that people would pay and go crazy for it, at first it seems he is in it for the money. But later on through the story it is brought out more clearly that he just enjoys a challenging hunt and that he has killed everything in the world but... a Skullgirl. The ending of his story is unclear but one part is for sure, he ends up joining the rescue with Nadia Fortune, Irvin and Yu Wan for Minette and the other dagonians captured by Black Dahlia.

Story: Caliber is a world wide famous Hunter and Pouter(Not sure if Spelled right?) he spends his time traveling and hunting down exotic animals and is as well known to fight a bear with only his trusty knife Turok. If you notice his eye has a Crosshair as in seen in rifle scopes. His story begins as a flashback to when he was young and how he explains how he would always get in shootings with the Medici Mafia and hunt them down, he explains how much he despises them and that unfortunately for him the one day he let his guard down would've almost be his last. After his explanation it shows a dark empty street and a parked car, inside the car is Caliber. He is interrupted by a cop that taps his window, complying with the law he lowers down his window and says, "Is there a problem Officer?" not seconds later the cop takes out his pistol and shots are fired..... Later that night Caliber is in his car near death with a bullet to his chest and one to his eye. After that his flashback fades away and it returns to the present time to where 4 years have passed and Caliber is in his 22 years. (More to come)

Hope you guys love him as much as I do and hope to meet a lot of Skullgirls fans who want to be friends :)


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United States
Hello, the name is Aldo Castillo Hernandez De Handa, or for short, "A17".

I am an Artist and proud to be here for 2 years, I joined DeviantArt because a Friend Suggested that my Art skills could be amazing. I hate to brag, but I don't consider myself a Hobbyist since Art is more than just a hobby to me, I think of myself better than a Hobyist but not as good as a professional and I do it all the time when I get the chance and in school as well, I was once sent to the office cause they thought I had an issue of some sort cause I could never stop drawing in class and anywhere. I don't have an issue... It's just awesome to draw XD

I began drawing at the age of 3 and have ever since moved on, I never learned how to draw and never saw my drawing when I was small but I know I was born with talent. My parents said ever since the beginning I was really good at it and always did it.

Although I for one hate perveted drawings, I always thought badly of those who did it. Now a days I don't think badly of the people because I have a friend who draws naked chicks all the time, he's a cool friend I admit but I do warn him to keep away from me if he is ever showing any of his drawings around... In school.

My favorite things to draw are sifi stuff like super soldier, anthros, dinosaurs especially, and etc. I love my OC, he is a super soldier and instead of being a strong human he is part animal and has many animal traits as well as usful features and mechanics, his name is 17 and he is damn awesome!(Copyright Laws do Apply on the story concept and is also an Original Idea from me. If used without permission, consequences will follow.)

Anyways enough of that, I am off to fix my profile :3 Adios.

I am planning on making a group later on, based on the super soldier concept. Interested? Message me and I'll inform you on small details about it.
I am looking for members to Join my Team, The Land Striders, a Team for Halo Reach XBOX LIVE. I don't have Gold membership anymore but I plan to get it soon. If you are interested message me and I will inform you about the team, I cannot promise I will be Matchmaking but I promise ill be online here and in XBOX LIVE daily.

If you are an Artist as well then you can more than gladly put your art here and make yourself at home. I am looking for people close to my age but it really doesn't matter as long as we each respect one another and actually communicate rather than argue and have fun instead of hate. That's fine by me.

I hope to see you soon.
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